jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

THANKS, EMILY!!!! It's a pleasure for me

Hi Marga! :)

      I just wanted to say that you have sooo many great resources on the right hand side of your blog!!  I have been going through them and sharing them with the other students and professors in my masters program.  Yesterday in my class I told them all about the International Children's Library and they loved it!  That link could be especially helpful to many of the students in my program as they are english language development teachers who teach english as an additional language in schools.  It could prove especially helpful to them because of the fact that there are books in so many languages on that site.
      Teachers have students that come from a variety of L1's, so even my professor, who is a Principal and is Bilingual (English-Spanish), has students that she can't communicate with in their L1, because their L1 is Chinese, or Vietnamese, or Korean, or Somali, or Arabic...
      We have been talking a lot in my classes about the importance of the L1 development in the academic success of students.  This is a resource that teachers could use with or share with their students or students' parents so the students can continue to read and develop their L1, whatever language that may be.
      I also shared your blog with them and told them to check it out for great resources.
      Thanks so much for all of the resources!

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